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Technology Minutes4-17.doc Technology Minutes4-17.doc Technology Minutes4-17.doc Technology Minutes4-17.doc Technology Minutes4-17.doc

Welcome to our JDMS Technology Committee Wiki

Tech mtg will continue to be the 3rd Tuesday of the month

Next meetings:

May 15,  2012




middle school objectives Acquisition plan 2010 update Computer Replacement Cycle.xls  , MiddleSchoolTechStandardsMap.doc


Please STOP, LOOK, SEE where you are PRINTING Please send to DECC  anything over 10 copies  


2011-12 survey results

technology survey.xlsx



Please do not use color printer's for multiple copies (10 or more)


Websites Shared by Committee Members:


http://www.thinkfinity.org/ Enhance Learning with FREE lesson plans & educational resources

Slideshare.net this website brings up a PowerPoint that has been created, you also can make changes

Squirrelnet.com (Google) – has an additional filter for kids – great search engine

cnyric.org – tools for teachers to assist teachers (under teacher resources in SIS Web


Creation Websites(2).doc


2011-12 Committee members:

Jessica Duer

Ken Kline

Heather Volyanik

Maggie Welch

Wendy Newmann

 Kerri McKee

Keith Bryant

Lisa Walsh

 Cindy Dudzack

 Jeff Loan

  Phil Luckett


Technology committee Agenda and minutes

Technology Minutes9-19-11.doc

Technology Minutes10-18..doc

Technology Minutes11-15.doc

 Technology Minutes 1/17/12.doc

tech minutes 3-20-12.doc

Technology Minutes4-17.doc

Technology Minutes5-15-1.doc


 2010-2011 Technology committee Agenda and minutes

Technology survey .doc


technology minutes 3-15.doc

Technology Minutes 2-15.doc

Technology Minutes 1-18-11.doc  

Technology Minutes11-16-10.doc

Technology Minutes10-19-10.doc

Technology Minutes 9-21-10..doc



 2009-2010 Technology committee Agenda and minutes


Technology minutes 6 15 10

 Technology minutes 5 18 10

Technology minutes 3 16 10

Technology Minutes 12_22_09.doc

Technology Minutes 11 17_09.doc

10-20-09 JDMS Tech mtg minutes

 9-09.doc Technology mtg minutes

6-09-09 JDMS Tech mtg minutes.doc

5/12/09 JDMS Tech mtg minutes.doc

3-10-09 JDMS Tech mtg minutes

2-10-09 JDMS Tech mtg minutes

1-13-09 JDMS Tech mtg minutes




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